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"The true essence of a beautiful space should reflect one's individuality and be an expression of their lifestyle".

Fern Mottes of FM Interiors, Inc. has been creating beautiful interiors for her clients for 20 years.


Fern's journey toward becoming an Interior Designer began at the NY school of Interior Design. This education, coupled with her early on experience of working closely with some of the best Designers in New York were the stepping stones toward becoming the talented Interior Designer and owner of FM Interiors, Inc.

Her flair for creativity and ability to connect with her clients is something that can not be taught. Fern is a detail oriented designer who strives for perfection. Her aim is to deliver innovative design solutions and exceptional service that will exceed her clients' expectations. Fern's design success is due to her passion and love for her work.

Dos and Dont's-

One of the biggest errors made on any design project is allowing a contractor or tradesman to pressure the client into making premature design and decorating decisions. This is when most errors are made: at the beginning stages. Linen white walls, white ceilings, and bisque toilets are only one option out of thousands to choose from. Choosing the proper color pallets for your living space provides the basis from which the design process expands upon. Paint colors are meant to compliment the design elements we choose, and not the other way around. We shouldn't have to choose the design elements around a paint color.

When planning a space, it is crucial to be able to envision the finished design so that all the elements work together properly. This includes structural, as well as spacial elements. In design, as with basic construction, a solid foundation is necessary to build upon. Not having this foundation can lead to major design errors occurring at later stages, when it's too late. Some examples are: window placement, lighting design, plumbing fixtures, etc. All of these fundamental decisions can greatly effect the choices available to the homeowner and if not properly planned, can seriously limit your options. This is why consulting with an interior designer during the planning stages of construction is a vital step in achieving a cohesive design. Remember, all the elements of your space, including the space itself should work in a harmonious way.

The function and/or placement of those elements within the space is also an essential piece of the design process. Without the proper guidance, this is an area where clients can make some major mistakes. (For ex.; placement of windows,placement of entertainment areas, selecting proper focal points, placement of work areas (allowing for electronic components, details on custom cabinetry, placement of lighting fixtures, assuring proper scale of furniture and furniture placement).